What is Monksee?

If something's wrong, we'll replace it. If you don't like it, we'll take it back - that's how we work. We love our stuff and we want you to love it too and be happy being part of the Monksee crew - simple, no fluff, no lawyer speak.... no bullshit.

Irreverent Brand with an Aussie flare - Monksee was born out of the passion and a desire to cultivate a brand that wasn’t about spreadsheets but about the joy of designing a product and loving the journey. No destination, no end game or grandiose plans.

The love of irreverent, casual comfort as a way of life. A desire to be comfortable and dressed in what you want rather than what others want or expect. Monksee designs apparel for the comfort seeker who thinks a good t-shirt, jeans and shoes are a 3 piece suit. Leave the suit and tie for those trying to empress others.

“Impress Yourself and fuck the rest!” - Monksee